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Strategic creativity : where design, technology, communications and business meet, I put ideas into practice, find new ways of looking at old problems and create opportunities to build new projects.

Art & science & commerce are not separate entities. They are at their most positive and impactful when they work together to manifest value. Only through a holistic approach to work, life and purpose can we hope to build a meaningful, prosperous future.

Working from the perspective of a long-term creative professional, I apply my experience in ways which marry art and commerce to produce effective results. I work by demonstrating how additional value in organisations and projects can be unlocked by using creativity as a strategic, as well as operational, approach to work. My deep experience in communications, technology startups, design and art gives me an opportunity to see issues from many angles at once, to connect individuals and to open up organisational silos. I help build successful teams by applying creative thinking practices in long and short-term engagements and individual consultations. Creativity is the strategic commodity for the 21st century. I bring to the table many years of practical experience in the application of creativity across disciplines and fields of endeavour.

What : Some call this innovation management. Others use the term strategic design. I try to boil it down to three words: Imagine. Show. Tell. What I do can best be described as devising new ways of doing things or new things to do (that is the Imagine part), assembling teams, connecting ideas and people and enabling them to get things done more creatively (Show,) and producing effective communications about their results (Tell.) Technology, design, ideas and communication – where these intersect, I find new ways of looking at old problems, identify opportunities, and build teams to create new projects.

How : I work at the point of confluence of business, art, design and social engagement, always with a strong communications angle and always with the umbrella of strategic creativity over the top of it all. With projects ranging from technology startups to creative thinking programmes, and from engaging local communities in social documentary projects to publishing high end book and multimedia products, I easily cut across disciplines and bring with me many years’ accumulated experience to each engagement.

Why : Our entire civilisational heritage rests on a small number of pillars: scientific advancement, artistic search and expression, commercial endeavour, philosophical discourse… A common thread which binds most, if not all of those, is creativity – in all of its many forms. If we are indeed to build a future which is centered around human beings instead of concepts and directions which we may ultimately find abhorrent, we must hone our creative faculties well and apply them with wisdom to the most pressing issues and urgent problems which surround us.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” George Bernard Shaw



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